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1. This program is for dancers who want to dance like professionals. 

2. Building foundation for Latin dances.

3. Starting from Feb in 2020.

 This program is designed by Jiu Song for On1 or On2 dancers who want to reach an advanced level for a short term. Normally it takes less than 6 months from absolute beginner level to ON2 advanced level.


 This program is not only to dance On2 well so once your On2 reaches advanced level your On1, cha-cha, bachata level will also reach the same level as On2.


  ** PRICE

  A. 4 privates(2hrs) one day a week(Total 8 hours a month) : $500 (Value $800)

  B. 8 privates(2hrs) Two days a week(Total 16 hours a month): $950 (Value $1,600)

  C. 12 privates(2hrs) Three days a week(Total 24 hours a month) : $1,350 (Value $2,400)



  **Program C is designed for running minimum 3 months to maximum 6 months.

    And guarantee you will be advance level internationally in 6 months.

    And semi-pro level in a year for followers.


  **For leaders, it takes longer than followers.


  *The price is for only one or two people.