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About Us


Our Story

"Picking up a hobby is one thing. Making it a lifestyle is another."


You've seen it danced and enjoyed by dancers all over the world and officially Salsa On2 has piqued your interest... You've come to the right place. Welcome!


Vancouver On2 is a Latin dance company in Vancouver that specializes in teaching and promoting New York Style Salsa "Salsa On2" since 2013. We lead an exceptional Salsa Training & Bachata Training classes to build strong fundamental skills for all types of dancers, aspiring performers or seasoned social dancers. In addition, we also offer regular ongoing beginner, intermediate & advance Salsa On2 & Bachata classes. As well as Footwork & Shines, Lady Styling and Cha-Cha-Cha classes throughout the week to cater to all our student's dancing needs.

However you'd like to start dancing On2, whether it's a gentle introduction or a challenging course, we are here to help you every step of the way.

Our Vision

With Vancouver On2, you'll experience EXCELLENT, PROFESSIONAL, and HIGH-QUALITY instruction. We aim to guide all of our students become the best dancer they can be.

Our goal is to give each individual the tools they need to take dance as far as they would like to, whether it be social dance or on stage

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