About Us

Jiu (Gee-you) Song

(Director & Head Choreographer)


Hailing from Seoul, South Korea, this exceptional instructor, choreographer and dancer extraordinaire moved to Vancouver in 2012. Before moving to Canada, he worked as a Businessman and performed in a Professional Dance Team called "Nemesis" where most of today's top Korean Salsa perfomers/instructors started from. He has since performed at numerous local venues in Vancouver and most recently, Calgary International Salsa Congress.


Jiu's teaching style provides a specialized one-on-one instruction to all his students while social dancing after each class. His over-all dance technique and musicality attracted a number of dancers of different levels to train under him. He is also sought after by students for his excellent ability to breakdown techniques and concepts. As well as his ability to make his students become better dancers. Today, this number continues to grow and so are his choreographies and goals.



Carmela Villahermosa

(Founder, Owner & Head Instructor)


Grew up in the lush city of Vancouver, Carmela didn't cross path with Salsa until she lived in Toronto while studying at the University of Toronto in 2008. First learning to lead On1, she quickly develop her love for On2. Dubbed as a "Natural Dancer", Salsa 

started off as a hobby, then later became a lifestyle choice which allowed her to perform at numerous events in Toronto.


Her love for travel goes hand in hand with her love for Salsa. During her travels, she sought out all opportunities to social dance and take classes from reknowned instructors all over the world. From Central America, South America to Europe and Asia, she made sure that it was a learning experience for her both in life and in her dance life.


She rigourously trained under Jiu's tutelage soon after meeting then formed the partnership. Her charisma and flavour complements well with Jiu's musicality and energy. She is what #TeamSpinner calls "The True Sexy Diva with a magnetic stage presence" and it shows in the many choreographies they've performed. Together, they've graced the stage locally and most recently at Calgary International Salsa Congress! 

Dubbed as Vancouver's #TeamSpinners and a Latin Dance company exclusively teaching, performing and advocating Salsa On2 to the community since 2013. The company was founded by Carmela Villahermosa and Jiu Song in 2013 and have grown to have a Professional Performance Team.


Vancouver On2 have showcased their talent and passion for dance at numerous occasions including local Salsa events, weddings, corporate events and Salsa congresses.

Our creative Instructors are professional & fun but most definitely, very passionate for Latin dance! 


With proper instruction, consistent practice and emphasis on building strong technique, we help our students develop their own set of skills that speaks for itself! The kind that will support them wherever in the world they go dancing and whoever they are dancing with! 



 About Our Dance Instructors

Kiyomi Shoji

(Salsa Instructor Training Program)


With a background in Gymnastics, Kiyomi's love for dancing started off at a young age. She learned many different dances as she went into adulthood. In Japan, she danced Samba and Cuban Salsa. She later got introduced to Salsa On1 after moving to Vancouver in 2005. Kiyomi's passion for dance have allowed her to always want to develop and improve her craft. She took Jazz & Hip-Hop in Vancouver to give a different flare to her dance style. She later crossed path with Salsa On2 in Vancouver and joined performance teams to continually improve her ability as a dancer. 


In 2013, she sought out to train with Vancouver On2 to further improve her technique and dancing ability both for performance and social dance. In a short period of time, she advanced further in her dancing career. In 2014, she started to teach all of Vancouver On2's Beginner & Intermediate Salsa On2 classes with Jiu Song. She is what #TeamSpinners call the "Free Spinner with effortles poses & on-point body lines".

Victoria Lim

(Bachata Instructor Training Program)


Victoria's curiousity in Salsa was piqued while studying at the University of British Columbia. During this time, she developed a certain liking to Bachata which is what she considers more of her element. After taking different classes and social dancing locally, she gained interest in enhancing her Salsa & Bachata technique and attaining the next level of her dancing.


In 2013, she sought out to train with Vancouver On2 to further improve her dance technique and ability. In such a short period of time, Victoria's discipline, effort and hard-work is paying off. Under Jiu Song's tutelage, she is now teaching all of Vancouver On2's Beginner & Intermediate Bachata classes. She is what #TeamSpinners call the "Charismatic Sexy Bachatera with a sultry Salsa-flare", one of Vancouver's well-kept secrets!